Heavy Equipment Parts

Volvo-Certified Hose Shop Dealer

At Cowin we recognize that repeat sales are generated by our product support capabilities more than any other reason. Our parts department has an extensive inventory of parts to insure maximum uptime. In fact it has long been our policy to exceed our manufacturers’ “protected stock” recommendations so as to strive to maintain the highest availability percentages available, and help our customer-partners eliminate down time!

Cowin Equipment Parts Facility

We constantly measure our Customer Satisfaction Levels with response cards and we follow up on any concerns to seek out ways to improve our service. We also measure “fill rates” daily. Cowin consistently garners the highest marks possible from our contracted manufacturers.

  • CEC has over $9+ million in parts inventory! Including over $2 million in Volvo parts to support the full line of Volvo equipment…Artic haulers, excavators, loaders, pavers, rollers, and milling machines.
  • CEC offers exchange component programs for many products to minimize down time.
  • CEC is on call 24 hours a day / 7 days per week.
  • CEC has a unique inter-branch hauling system working each day of the week which allows us to transfer parts from branch to branch as necessary with middle-of-the-night deliveries. This allows our customers or service technicians to have immediate (5:00 am), next morning access to any part in our system.Heavy Equipment Parts Manager
  • Our fill ratio for all products is 93.5%.
  • CEC offers a long standing policy of “protected stock” that does not require senior management approval. A local manager can “protect” stock based on his own judgment or a customer’s request. This will ensure that that part is always in stock regardless of our computer generated recommendations or demand activity. (With all parts stocking decisions CEC always wants to err on the side of fulfilling the customer’s best expectations).
  • Is committed to participating in all of our manufacturers training programs annually, or as regularly scheduled.
  • We pride ourselves in keeping all of our training current.
  • CEC employs a Customer Satisfaction Index survey to track our fill rates and customer satisfaction levels. The most recent compilation of all responses shows an overall satisfactions score of 93.8%.
  • CEC has a hydraulic hose building machine in order to provide immediate hose replacement for most machines (whether represented by us or not).
  • CEC’s average length of service is very high. This translates into people that care, and people from whom you can “Expect Extra Effort”. Our averages are:
    • Parts Mgmt = 18.8
    • YrsCountermen = 13.4 Yrs

Hose ShopCowin Parts Facility

Hose Shop

Hose Shop ManagerOur shop is equipped with a complete line of Aeroquip hoses, fittings and adaptors. We also carry metric, British standard and a large assortment of brass fittings and adaptors. We make hoses up to 6000 psi. Our experienced staff makes quality hoses to order.

CEC offers a starter and alternator repair shop in-house at Cowin. We are an authorized rebuilder of small specialized tools. We can give you additional use from your present air tools and electric tools with our re-manufacturing process.

Starter / Alternator Shop

Let our experienced technicians handle your rebuild needs:

    • Delco StartersStarter Alternator Shop
    • Delco Alternators
    • Bosch Starters
    • Ford
    • Leece Neville
    • Motorola
    • Nippendenso

Lube-A-Boom Friction Reducing Lubricants