Heavy Equipment Service


Your heavy equipment is an investment. Protect it with Cowin.

You have spent considerable capital on your heavy construction equipment. Your machines are the lifeblood of your business. When they’re down, your business suffers and the job doesn’t get done.

Cowin has a dedicated heavy equipment maintenance service that:

  • Repairs broken-down equipment
  • Regularly inspects and maintains machinery
  • Conducts preventative maintenance to prevent downtime
  • Supplies owners with spare parts
  • Offers advice on how to keep machinery in its best condition

We can perform diagnostics to help you manage your fleet and keep track of the condition of your vehicles. We can also help extend the lifespan of your machines so you get more out of your investment. With Cowin, you have the local repair experts you need to keep your fleet operating at maximum capacity for years to come.

Machinery Support Service Facility

Heavy Equipment Repair Experts

To keep your machines running as they should – and to protect your investment – you need expert technicians who know how to maintain and repair your equipment all year round.

Our machinery service support team has the skills, training, facilities, tools, vehicles, and experience necessary to provide world-class service to our customers. We invest heavily in the annual training of our technicians and fulfill the training requirements of all our major manufacturers.

  • Cowin Equipment Company (CEC) machinery has more than 75 highly trained qualified technicians. We spend over $600,000 in factory training for our technicians each year.
  • CEC has complete facilities for heavy machinery maintenance at all seven facilities.
  • CEC has over 50 service trucks (on call 24 hours a day) and an extensive parts inventory at each location.
  • CEC is on call 24 hours a day / 7 days per week.
  • CEC’s Customer Satisfaction Survey questions conclude a customer satisfaction score of 94.5%.
  • CEC is committed to participating in all of our machinery manufacturers training programs annually.
  • CEC has fully trained technicians to offer good customer service support all of the product lines we represent. We pride ourselves in keeping all of our training current by meeting or exceeding all of our machinery manufacturers recommended service training.
  • CEC has an Electrical Dept. for all electrical component work including starters, alternators and tools. Cowin is an authorized re-builder of small specialized tools.
  • CEC has a fully equipped Volvo Certified Hose Shop with a complete line of Aeroquip hoses, fittings and adaptors. We can make hoses up to 6,000 psi – allowing hose replacement for most machines (whether represented by us or not).
  • CEC commonly works on all types of machinery equipment, including brands that we don’t represent. We have completed full frame rebuilds of very large equipment including cranes, rotary drills, rigid haulers, wheel loaders, and specialty slab haulers for the steel and mining industries.
  • CEC’s customer satisfaction is very high. This translates into people that care, and people from whom you can “Expect Extra Effort”. Our averages are:
    • Service Management = 29.1 years
    • Technicians = 17.3 years

At Cowin, we are committed to sales, rental and product support. You can “Expect Extra Effort” from this quality equipment company. Your equipment is in good hands.

Volvo machinery


Cowin Service Truck on site


Heavy Equipment Service in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida

Cowin has invested in service facilities located across three states in the Southeast, ensuring our customers have a nearby presence to help them maintain and repair their equipment – and protect their investments.

Our locations include:

Contact your local heavy equipment repair team to schedule maintenance or repair work for your equipment in the field.

Servicing All Brands of Heavy Construction Equipment

Cowin specialists aren’t just familiar with one brand. We service a wide variety of brands from the globe’s leading manufacturers of heavy construction equipment, meaning we can repair just about anything you have with skill, precision, and efficiency.

The brands we service include (but are not limited to):

To see if Cowin specialists can handle your equipment repair, contact us.