Cowin Customer Testimonial: Elmore Sand and Gravel

Baylis Carnes is the General Manager for Elmore Sand & Gravel in Elmore, AL. He works with Cowin Equipment to make sure that they have the Volvo Construction Equipment and support that they need to maintain their status as Alabama’s premier supplier of quality river gravel. In this video, Baylis shares his experience with Cowin’s equipment, service, and people. Watch the video or continue reading this post to find out more about Cowin’s unique customer support and service.

Elmore Sand and Gravel has been working with Volvo Equipment for several years. They made this choice because the equipment is dependable, highly productive, and rarely experiences mechanical issues. The relationship with Cowin adds another layer of benefits.

“Cowin Equipment has integrated with us in a way that I haven’t seen with other dealers. When I come into work every day I see Cowin Employees just as well as my own. They make sure that we are taken care of throughout the life of the equipment.

Phillip Norton with Cowin Equipment is our sales contact. I feel like he has as good of a knowledge of what I am doing as I do out here. There are times when I need something or I need a piece of equipment to do a certain thing, and he’s already figured that out. He’s usually a step or two ahead of me. ”

–Baylis Carnes, General Manager, Elmore Sand and Gravel

At Cowin Equipment, we take the customer relationship very seriously. Cowin Sales Rep Phillip Norton articulated this very well in describing his relationship with Elmore Sand and Gravel, “At Cowin Equipment, the customer experience is a very vital part of what we do. The relationships we build between Cowin, the customer, and Volvo Construction Equipment are very important to making something like this work. Cowin Equipment is focused on the customer relationship, the production, and supporting that customer from top to bottom in everything that they do. We work really hard with the customer to be their partner in everything that they need to make them succeed.”

Phillip also pointed out that Cowin works with their customers to help design solutions, not just provide equipment. “Cowin worked with Volvo to come up with a package to be more efficient loading Volvo 40-ton and 45-ton offroad trucks. We made the decision that the EC750 was the more efficient unit do this, cutting the loading time in half from what we were using in the smaller excavators. So it’s made Elmore more productive with the trucks, produced more material, and moved more material in a shorter period of time.”

Solutions like that are a win for everyone involved, but the relationship is at the heart of everything that we do. Phillip met Baylis 6 years ago, and they have become great friends in addition to developing a great working relationship.

At the end of the day, our goal is for all of our customers to feel the way that Baylis does when he says, “A huge part of what we are doing here is attributed to Cowin’s performance and Volvo Construction Equipment’s performance. Cowin provides a level of service that is unique and beneficial to what we are trying to do.”