Cowin Sells First Hitachi Wheel Loader in North America

Patience and hard work pay off. KaMin, a global leader in mining and refining kaolin clay, began their search for a new, well-matched loader that could handle the wet, slick terrain they work in every day as they mine for kaolin. KaMin contacted Cowin Equipment Company and a partnership began taking shape.

KaMin came to us for assistance in matching their specific application of mining with a machine that was best fitted for the task. They painted a clear picture of the obstacles their equipment faces while mining for kaolin. Their work requires extreme traction control and aggressive break-out force. They needed a monster of a machine. KaMin definitely did their due diligence in research. They formed a cross-functional group of maintenance, purchasing, and operations personnel and included input from mechanics and operators. After 6 months of researching and testing different loaders, KaMin chose the Hitachi ZW150-6 for the job. But it wasn’t just the efficiency and power of the machine that won them over. They tested the comfort and functionality of the cab. Its roomy comfort, spaciousness, and quiet were all qualities that factored into the decision process. Cowin added a rear-view camera for an additional measure of convenience and safety while Hitachi had already improved rear visibility by changing the hood design and repositioning and aligning the muffler and air intake.

How do we know KaMin hit gold (or kaolin) with our ZW150-6? They have been using it since May 2018 and according to KaMin Operators, the ZW150-6 has the ability to move aggressively without tire slippage which is attributed to the machine’s traction control plus a rimpull control system that balances rimpull with front digging force to optimize performance. The 3.1 cubic yard standard bucket is perfect for KaMin’s processing facility and has provided a dramatic improvement in efficiency.  In other words, it’s getting the job done!

Hitachi commissioned artist Gary Wright to paint “Hitachi – Coming to America.” To commemorate their purchase of the first Hitachi wheel loader sold in North America. KaMin was presented with a limited-edition lithograph of that painting. Cowin’s very own Todd Bennett was there alongside KaMin’s Freddy Davis, Kyle Downs, and Johnathan Newsome to accept the gift.

Patience and hard work pay off…and at Cowin we are here for our customers and ready to put forth the extra effort to best meet the requirements and needs for any specific application.