The “Ex Factor” with Volvo E-Series Excavators

Volvo e-series excavators

Managing a fleet of heavy construction equipment isn’t easy. Neither is overseeing a project, keeping a team working like a well-oiled machine, and making sure everything is moving along smoothly.

Fleet managers who want the best from their equipment need to find the x-factor. For those looking for excavators that get the job done, Volvo has the x-factor – with its “Ex Factor” E-Series Excavators.

Here’s more on this line of excavators that is as rugged as you need, yet sophisticated with top-notch technology.

What the “Ex Factor” Means

The Volvo “Ex Factor” means a lot of different things for fleet managers and construction bosses. These things include:

  • Higher precision and power
  • Versatility through a variety of work modes
  • Increased productivity that gets the job done faster
  • Industry-leading fuel efficiency

The Volvo E-Series Excavators offer the above benefits because they were specifically designed with the operator in mind. They’re easier to use, more comfortable, and more optimal – ensuring your operators have all the tools they need to execute the mission.

They also help you do more with less, with better productivity for lower energy consumption. Plus, industry-leading durability keeps your total cost of operation lower than with other manufacturers.

That’s what the “Ex Factor” represents, and those are the benefits you get from Volvo E-Series Excavators.

Advantages of Volvo Excavators

The E-Series from Volvo has several key advantages that overshadow the selling points from other manufacturers.

Superior Engine Efficiency

All E-Series excavators come with the robust D4 Tier 4 Final engine that delivers more power while consuming less fuel and creating fewer emissions. The result is more efficient performance through superior quality and reliability.

More Power

The engine Volvo uses also results in more power, through faster cycle times and increased pump flow.

Faster Cycle Times

The unique boom float function on excavators results in the ability to transfer pump flow to other functions with the machine, which reduces cycle time – resulting in even more efficiency.

Optimized Hydraulics

Finally, E-Series Excavators come with an optimized hydraulics system that, when combined with a full electronic control system and advanced ECO mode, works in tandem with the D4 Tier 4 Final engine to reduce power loss, improve control time, and improve controllability.

Interested in Volvo E-Series Excavators?

At Cowin, we have a variety of E-Series machines for your next project, from the agile EC140EL to the supersized and rugged EC480EL.

Contact Cowin today to learn more about these incredible machines and how the “Ex Factor” can be put to work for you.