Your Guide to Construction Equipment Rental in Florida

construction equipment rental in florida

Are you in need of construction equipment rental in the Florida Panhandle?

Whether you’re looking for excavators to move dirt, bulldozers to level land, or cranes to lift material, construction equipment is what you need to get the job done. But finding the right equipment at the right price from a trusted provider can be hard, given how many providers there are out there (and not all of them are created equally).

If you’re looking to rent construction equipment in Florida, you need to find a distributor who understands what you need, has the inventory for your job, and can work with you to give you the best deal and best resources.

Here’s how to find the right rental partner in the Sunshine State.

Look for Name Brands

There are a ton of heavy construction equipment makers, but not all are created equally. We’re not saying ignore the small guy, but when you absolutely have to get the job done and want quality and reliability, look for a rental office that has the brands you can rely on.

Brands like Volvo, Doosan, Grove, National Crane, Takeuchi, Kobelco, Case, and Kawasaki have a well-earned reputation for quality and reliability. These machines can provide power and efficiency while costing you less in maintenance and repairs.

If you want a specific brand, talk to your local construction equipment rental shop and see what they have available. If they don’t carry that brand, they can make recommendations for high-quality equipment.

Look for Superior Customer Service

Renting high-quality equipment is only part of the solution. You also need exceptional customer service to support that equipment – especially since you’re renting and therefore working with a third-party provider instead of owning the equipment yourself.

As a renter, you’ll come to depend on the rental company for a lot. You need to find one that places a premium on service, including maintenance and repair work. Cowin, for example, has a dedicated service department that also keeps a reserved list of parts on hand so that your equipment can spend more time where it belongs: in the field.

You need a service partner who is reliable and can keep your equipment running properly. There’s no use in renting equipment that will fail and won’t be repaired in time.

Look for Flexibility with Rental Programs

If you have a long-term need for construction equipment, it may make more financial sense to buy the equipment eventually.

A rental purchase program can save you a lot of money in the long run and give you the machinery you need to take care of business. Cowin offers a unique rental purchase program (with payments applied)  for virtually all of our equipment that you can explore if it makes sense for your business.

Contact a Cowin representative if you’re in the Florida panhandle and want to rent construction equipment that gets the job done – no matter what.