Keeping Your Construction Equipment Maintained

Construction Equipment Maintenance

Buying construction equipment is a major investment. Machinery isn’t cheap, and neither is replacing it if a critical piece of machinery breaks down.

Poor maintenance is one of the main reasons why construction equipment breaks down and falls into disrepair. Many companies don’t perform regular maintenance, nor do they keep accurate records on what work has been done on their equipment. Maintenance, if performed, is haphazard and irregular.

Construction equipment is far too valuable to let it operate for hours and hours every day without performing proper maintenance. Fortunately, Cowin has a dedicated machinery service support team that can take care of maintenance for you.

Our Service Department

Cowin, unlike many other construction equipment providers, has a fully-staffed service department dedicated to providing full-time support to our customers and their equipment in the field.

Our team:

  • Has over 75 highly-trained and fully-qualified technicians
  • Operates over 50 service trucks
  • Keeps an expansive inventory of spare parts at each location
  • Is on call 24 hours a day
  • Spends over $500,000 annually for factory training for our technicians
  • Enjoys a 94.5 percent customer satisfaction score
  • Offers support in every product line we sell
  • Frequently works on brands we don’t represent
  • Has a fully-operational electrical department for all electrical component work
  • Operates a fully-equipped hose shop with a complete line of Aeroquip hoses, fittings, and adaptors

Plus, our managers average 29.1 years on the job and our technicians average 17.3 years on the job, which means you benefit from decades of experience and expertise every time we perform work on your equipment.

Cutting Long-term Costs with Regular Maintenance

As any member of our team will tell you, performing maintenance regularly on your construction equipment is the best decision you could make regarding the longevity of your machinery.

Machines are complicated, integrated systems that are susceptible to wear, tear, and breakage. It’s inevitable that something will break. You can do a lot to mitigate downtime by maintaining and inspecting your equipment on a regular basis. You can also get back on the job faster with a dedicated team that is adept at responding quickly to a malfunction.

Whether it’s a small repair, a regular inspection, or a full-frame rebuild of your equipment, Cowin has the maintenance team necessary to keep your construction equipment up and running.

Contact Cowin for more information on maintenance and keeping your equipment running, in the field, doing the job it was designed to do.