Crawler Carriers

Cowin proudly offers Terramac crawler carriers for sale and rent. Terramac carriers are designed for off road use and afford contractors increased access to remote and confined jobsites. The low ground pressure of Terramac’s rubber tracks allow the carriers to travel across rugged, wet, loose and steep terrain with ease while minimizing ground damage. Ideal for use in construction, forestry, shoreline restoration, utilities and more, Terramac crawler carriers deliver efficient solutions for the toughest jobsites. For even more versatility, Terramac carriers can be customized with industry specific support equipment such as cranes, hydroseeding units and concrete agitators. To learn more about customization options, sales or rentals, please contact a member of our team.

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Equipment Name Info Spec Sheet Manufacturer
Boom Lift Terex RMX 75 Boom Spec Sheet Terramac
Crane Option Terex Commander 4047 Spec Sheet Terramac
Digger Derrick Terex Commander 4045 Spec Sheet Terramac
Hydroseeding System 1,200 Gal. Apex XA1200 Applicator Spec Sheet Terramac
Other Specialty Attachments Customizable solutions Spec Sheet Terramac
Personnel Carrier 25 Person Cap. Spec Sheet Terramac
RT14 Crawler Carrier 28,000 lb. Cap. Spec Sheet Terramac
RT14R Crawler Carrier 28,000 lb Cap. (Rotating Bed) Spec Sheet Terramac
RT6 Rubber Track Carrier 12,000 lb. Cap. Spec Sheet Terramac
RT7R Rubber Track Carrier 14,000 lb. Cap Spec Sheet Terramac
RT9 Crawler Carrier 18,000 lb Cap. Spec Sheet Terramac
Straw Blower Reinco TM-35 Power Mulcher Spec Sheet Terramac
Vac System Vacuum Excavator Spec Sheet Terramac
Welding System (Tac Unit) GWD 90 Weld Deck, Air... Spec Sheet Terramac

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