Forklifts and manlifts are a must for many businesses in their day-to-day operations. Whether it’s working inside in a warehouse or working on a site, forklifts and manlifts need to be durable and agile – like the forklifts and manlifts offered by Cowin. Our forklifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes from several different manufacturers, but all promise the same: the ability to get the job done the right way. Our manlifts deliver incredible outreach with outstanding lifting versatility with up, out and over positioning capabilities. Contact a Cowin team member to learn more.

Contact a Cowin representative to learn more about our Forklifts/Manlifts and how they can help achieve your objectives on your project.
Equipment Name Info Spec Sheet Manufacturer
10054 10,000 lbs, 53 ft 2... Spec Sheet JLG
1644 15,650 lbs, 43 ft 7... Spec Sheet JLG
450AJ 550 lbs, 45 ft Spec Sheet JLG
6042 6000 lbs, 42 ft 4... Spec Sheet JLG
660SJ 750 lbs, 65 ft 8... Spec Sheet JLG
8042 8000 lbs, 41 ft 11... Spec Sheet JLG
860SJ 750 lbs, 86 ft Spec Sheet JLG
G5-18A 5500 lbs, 18 ft 4... Spec Sheet JLG

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