Rent to Own Hitachi Wheel Loaders

Hitachi Wheel Loaders

The Hitachi ZW Wheel Loaders are designed with one aim in mind: empowering your vision. In terms of productivity, comfort, advanced technology, environmental performance and maintenance, they deliver on all levels. They not only meet your expectations of high-quality, reliable machines, but also provide your operators with a safer working environment, comfortable cabs with easy-to-use controls, and overall, machines that respond quickly and precisely. To ensure optimum productivity of the ZWs, Hitachi has incorporated easy maintenance features into the design.  The flexible Hitachi Support Chain provides after-sales support to further enhance uptime and protect your investment.

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Should I Rent or Purchase?

One of the biggest decisions that you have to make is whether you should rent or buy the Hitachi Wheel Loader that you need. What if you could rent any piece of equipment and decide to purchase it later? What if 100% of your rental payments applied to the purchase price of the equipment?


How it Works

When you rent Hitachi Wheel Loaders from Cowin, you have the option to convert your rental to a purchase. If you decide to purchase the equipment during the first 6 months of the rental agreement, 100% of your rental payments will be applied to the purchase price.  If you convert your rental to a purchase within 10 months, 80% of your rental payments are applied to the purchase price.

This plan couldn’t be any simpler. You get all the flexibility of renting equipment with a flexible option to purchase and realize the long-term financial benefits of ownership.

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