Cold Planers

Our Cold Planers offer solid design, simple troubleshooting, and low cost of operation. Three of the four Roadtec asphalt milling machines are available in both 3-track and 4-track configurations, and each Roadtec machine is compatible with the exclusive Guardian Remote Telematics system. The Roadtec Milling Machine has been carefully designed and optimized over the past 39 years to create the highest quality machine in the industry.

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Equipment Name Info Spec Sheet Manufacturer
RX-300e Weight: 45,100 lbs. Spec Sheet ASTEC
RX-505 Operating Weight: 54,368 lbs. Spec Sheet ASTEC
RX-600e Operating Weight: 60,560 – 63,480... Spec Sheet ASTEC
RX-600eLR Operating Weight: 63,927 lbs. Spec Sheet ASTEC
RX-700e Operating Weight: 77,380 – 82,400... Spec Sheet ASTEC
RX-900e Operating Weight: 94,000 – 98,000... Spec Sheet ASTEC

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