Cowin Equipment Gets National TV Air Time

Over the past week, two peices of equipment from Cowin have made it on national tv! The first was an L90G Volvo wheel loader that aired on the National Geographic show Rocket City Rednecks. They used the loader to help lift their homemade “lifesaver pod” off a trailer and then proceeded to fill the bucket with water to pour on the pod to simulate a tsunami wave. The second airing was this past Sunday night on the History channel on a new show called Bamazon. In short, Bamazon is about a group of construction workers from AL that partake on a gold mining journey in Guyana. Within, the first couple of minutes of the series premiere they begin to load their equipment and sure enough it turns out their prized excavator is a Kobelco SK210 with Cowin decals all over it. This SK210 is now in Guyana and hopefully finding these guys some gold!

We want to thank both Rocket City Rednecks and Bamazon for using Cowin equipment and we truly appreciate the representation!!

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