Three Reasons to Rent Construction Equipment from Cowin

Construction Equipment Rentals

More business owners and managers are looking to rent construction equipment. Based on a survey conducted between 2011 and 2014, we know that construction equipment rentals are on the rise. For example, demand for compact loaders went up by 925 percent, while demand for forklifts shot up by 90 percent.

This trend is because procurement professionals have determined that it can be cost-effective over the long-run to rent rather than buy. (There are plenty of occasions, though, when buying makes sense. A company should explore both.)

Not just any rental place will do, though. You want to rent only from the best, to make sure that you get quality equipment for a reasonable price.

Here are three reasons you should rent construction equipment from Cowin Equipment Company.

Unmatched Rental Fleet

For starters, Cowin offers a rental fleet that is unmatched.

We offer equipment of all sizes and types from a wide variety of the nation’s leading manufacturers, from Volvo, Grove, Doosan, and Kawasaki to Takeuchi, Kobelco, National Crane, and more. There isn’t a job that needs to be performed on-site that we don’t have equipment for – and there isn’t a job that won’t be done to satisfaction using our equipment.

When you go to rent construction equipment, choose an inventory with over $100 million worth of equipment – as well as the staff and service to support it, no matter if it’s a short-term or long-term lease. We also have the attachments to match, including an enormous range of excavator buckets, loader buckets, forks, grapples, mulcher heads, shears, etc. – whatever you need for your application.

Also, our equipment is clean, with low hours, and our machines are inspected every time they go out into the field – even more reasons to choose Cowin.

Experience with Renting

In addition to having the equipment you need, a rental company also needs to have experience.

There are many outfits that have popped up over the last few years claiming to be a fully-functioning rental provider. This is because the market for construction rentals has exploded. That doesn’t mean you should choose these newer companies, primarily because they lack one vital piece of the puzzle – experience.

Cowin has been renting equipment since 1938. Our business methods have been tried and tested, and we have delivered exceptional service to our customers for decades. We also offer unique rental purchase options that are available for virtually everything we have to offer within our fleet, with six and 10-month options.

When choosing a rental company, it is far preferable to go with an established provider who has built up a track record based on trust and execution. That is why Cowin is a rental leader; we’ve put down deep roots in our territory and know how to effectively manage rentals for our customers.

Fully-Staffed Maintenance Team

One danger in renting is in the quality of equipment you receive when you rent construction equipment and machinery.

Some companies do a poor job of maintaining their machines. That means you get a machine that underperforms, which costs you time and money.

We ensure that all of our machines are fully operational and ready to go because we have a fully-dedicated team of maintenance professionals – over 75 highly-trained and qualified technicians – who work hard every day to keep our fleet in top condition and are on call 24/7. That’s because we care about our equipment and our customers and want both to perform as well as possible.

Renting can be an advantageous choice for a company in the construction field, even if buying may make sense for you down the road. We encourage you to examine your rental company closely and find the ideal company with your best interests in mind and the capability of meeting your needs.

Contact Cowin to rent construction equipment today and find the machines you need to get the job done.