Asphalt Pavers

All Roadtec asphalt pavers start with an extremely strong and rugged frame. The frame is completely fabricated, welded and assembled at the Roadtec facility, giving us complete control over the design and quality of the build. With its 2 inch thick (5 cm) front crossmember connected to two thick continuous side sheets that run the entire length and back of the paver, its extremely stable. Because of the solid construction and design, Roadtec pavers are able to withstand all of the forces involved with asphalt paving for a much longer time.

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Equipment Name Info Spec Sheet Manufacturer
RP-170 Highway Class Paver Shipping weight: 29,280 lbs Spec Sheet ASTEC
RP-175 Highway Class Paver Shipping Weight: 32,500 lbs. Spec Sheet ASTEC
RP-190 Highway Class Paver Shipping Weight: 36,700 lbs. *Tractor... Spec Sheet ASTEC
RP-195 Highway Class Paver Shipping Weight: 39,220 lbs *Tractor... Spec Sheet ASTEC
RP-250e Highway Class Paver Shipping weight: 39,500 lbs. Spec Sheet ASTEC
SP-100e Gravity Fed Paver Operating Weight: 32,360 lbs. Spec Sheet ASTEC
SP-200e Spray Paver Shipping Weight: 63,800 lbs. Spec Sheet ASTEC

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