A Quick Overview of Hydraulic System Maintenance

heavy construction equipment

One of the most overlooked – but most important – components of heavy construction equipment is the hydraulic system. Hydraulics help power a lot of the mechanisms that make performance possible for a piece of construction equipment. But they often aren’t heavily checked, inspected, or maintained, which can lead to problems down the road. Most…
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Takeuchi Announces Cowin Equipment Company’s Territory Expansion

  Cowin Equipment representatives Phillip Wyse (L) and Jason Brown will be serving southern Mississippi Takeuchi sales. Takeuchi-US, a manufacturer of compact equipment, announced Cowin Equipment Company’s expansion into southern Mississippi to include: Lamar, Forrest, Perry, Stone, Harrison, Jackson, George and Greene Counties, in addition to Washington County, Ala. Cowin Equipment Company carries the full…
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Keeping Your Construction Equipment Maintained

Construction Equipment Maintenance

Buying construction equipment is a major investment. Machinery isn’t cheap, and neither is replacing it if a critical piece of machinery breaks down. Poor maintenance is one of the main reasons why construction equipment breaks down and falls into disrepair. Many companies don’t perform regular maintenance, nor do they keep accurate records on what work…
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Should You Buy or Rent Construction Equipment?

Construction Equipment Rental

A while back, we discussed three reasons to rent construction equipment from Cowin. While renting is definitely an option, it’s not the only option. You can also purchase brand-new construction equipment from some of the nation’s leading manufacturers. Which one should you choose to outfit your company? When You Should Buy The answer really depends…
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