Volvo Unveils Newest, Largest Excavator in North America – the EC750E

Volvo excavator

Until 2016, the largest excavator in the Volvo brand was the robust EC700CL. As of this fall, though, there’s a bigger kid on the block: the Volvo EC750E, now the largest excavator in North America.

Announced at MINExpo 2016, the Volvo EC750E excavator delivers several upgrades over the industry-leading EC700CL, including 15 percent higher productivity and five percent greater fuel efficiency.  Part of these gains are due to the fact that the engine – the 516-horsepower, Tier 4 Final Volvo D16J – is more powerful than its predecessor, delivering 11 percent more horsepower.

In addition, the new engine offers a seven-percent increase in digging force along with a four-percent increase in hydraulic flow.

Volvo excavators have always been known for high productivity and superior fuel efficiency, and the latest model takes this even further. For example, the EC750E weighs over three tons more than the EC700CL, yet is more fuel efficient. This is thanks to Volvo’s innovations in fuel efficiency, made possible by advances in electro-hydraulic control systems and the brand’s flagship ECO mode system that optimizes work to save power and fuel.

Of course, as our customers always tell us, operator comfort is a premium for businesses that understand taking care of their workers only helps the business’s bottom line. In this case, the latest Volvo excavator helps boost operator efficiency with fewer switch controls and a new crystal-clear 8-inch LCD display and interface.

The best-in-class cab is built not just for ergonomic efficiency, but also for comfort and visibility. Advanced controls make operating the excavator seamless and streamlined, more than any other excavator cab in the field.

Throw in the fact that Volvo is one of the most respected brands in the heavy construction equipment industry and you can see how the EC750E is a smart choice for those looking for the biggest, most powerful excavator in North America.

The Volvo EC750E is scheduled to be available starting in late 1Q 2017.

If you have a heavy workload and the need for a serious piece of equipment to move a lot of material, Volvo excavators have it all. They’re backed by CareTrack, Volvo’s proprietary telematics system, and a Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty.

If you’re looking for Volvo excavators, contact Cowin for more information on the latest models and to learn which is best for your project.