Volvo Days at Cowin Equipment

volvo pic

Volvo days at Cowin was a tremendous success.  Everyone who attended had a great time, and there was a lot of exciting news.

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Intelligent Compaction from Volvo

The newest and biggest news coming out of Volvo is their new Intelligent Compaction for asphalt rollers.  This is the only technology in the industry that offers a true material density reading in addition to pass mapping and temperature mapping.  This is a transformational advance that will enhance your road building process. Contact your Cowin sales rep today to find out more about what this technology would do for you.

Exciting Volvo Warranty Information

Volvo continues to lead the way with warranties on heavy equipment.  Here are some of the exciting updates that we covered at Volvo Days.

  • Volvo offers a Lifetime Frame Warranty on excavators, trucks, wheel loaders, paving machines and compaction equipment.  Volvo’s quality avoids some of the cracking issues that competitors have experienced, and this allows them to stand behind their equipment with this incredible warranty.
  • Volvo also offers the Volvo Fuel Guarantee. Their reputation for fuel efficiency is well known, and this guarantee stands behind these claims.  This guarantee will reimburse you if your equipment doesn’t meet stated ratings.

Volvo Equipment Innovation

Volvo wheel loaders feature Torque Parallel Linkage which provides maximum productivity and the least material spillage. Larger wheel loaders starting with our L-110H feature Opti-Shift which significantly increases speed and decreases operator effort in loading applications.

Volvo articulated haulers lead the industry in every category: speed, reliability, fuel consumption, and tractive effort.  The Volvo A-25G and the A-30G now feature wet disk brakes which is a huge step forward in this segment.  Innovations like these are the reason that Volvo continues to have industry leading resale value.

We are also happy to announce that the Volvo Caretack telematicks system comes standard with a 6 year free subscription.

Cowin Equipment and Volvo

Cowin Equipment has continued to excel as the leading Volvo dealer in the south.  We were Volvo’s top market share dealer in 2014, and that momentum has carried us into 2015. This allows us to offer competitive pricing on all Volvo equipment, and it allows us to keep an unbelievable selection in stock for sales and rental. Our relationship with Volvo doesn’t stop at the point of sale, though. Our award winning service team has the parts that you need in stock, and expertise that you just can’t find anywhere else.

Volvo is leading the industry in technological and quality innovation. The only thing better than the peace of mind that comes with using Volvo equipment is knowing that you have the Cowin team to support you.

Contact Us today to find out more about what Volvo and Cowin Equipment can do for you.

PS. No Volvo Days celebration would be complete without some synchronized heavy equipment demonstrations to the tune of Rock Me Like a Hurricane.  Check out this video and pictures for a small sample.